Future Of Health Care Has Questions But Few Answers

The questions about national health care having been nagging America for years. Some know that it is necessary no matter who has to pay for it and others believe that it is a slow roll to Socialism, which is something America has been fighting for years. Politicians have been battling with the issue for years and it has been a polarizing issue in both houses of Congress. You are either for it or against it, but the one thing that is clear is that something needs to be done to reform health care in the United States.

The naysayers say that the system has failed and that any sort of reform will force the United States government into bankruptcy, but others believe that there is a solution to be had. They just are not able to articulate what that system might be. Meanwhile, people are paying large costs to keep the current health care system afloat and no one knows what to do about it, especially the people paying high premiums and supporting those without health insurance.

It is easy to criticize the politicians who are trying to make health care easy and affordable to everyone, but it is also easy to defend the system. Many people think that the proposed health care system will bankrupt the entire country and turn it into a socialized nation, but there need to be some changes made without to much of a radical departure from what has been working on some levels, but not all, for a long time.

The answers about the health care system at this point very simply are not clear and there seems to be a cover up as to what is really happening. Most experts say that the current Health Care Reform Act is the very first step that needs to be taken by the government and one that is necessary for the survival of the entire U.S. economy. Experts fail to say what changes will have to come down the road for the system in order to ensure stability throughout the system but most agree that this is only the beginning of a larger reform to come.

Those who have health insurance are not often sympathetic to those who don’t have insurance. They don’t want their premiums to rise because they are trying to support those who are uninsured. Once the Health Care Reform Act is passed, and that is not guaranteed, nothing will be settled until everyone can agree on a plan for health insurance across all party lines.

Health Care: Part 1 – Where To Now?

With so much unrest in the United States and around the world these days it is difficult to focus on the future of anything, much less, health care. Things are changing rapidly but if we can navigate these times with calmness and clear thinking we can change things for the better. Of course, I am focusing on this subject because my life experiences come from this area of our society, and I look forward to sharing my thoughts with as many people as possible so as to increase our chances of getting it right. This is part one of a series of articles on the future of health care and what our options are going forward, whether we win or lose the political battle. The most important weapon we have to win the battle is a clear understanding of health care, past, present and future.

Many people think our problems started with Obamacare enacted into law in 2009, but planning for this mess started about fifty years ago by some very evil people, liberals. I was a young pharmacist and owned my own pharmacy. As a pharmacist I was but one part of the whole health care industry and worked closely with doctors, drug companies and nursing homes. This was a time in the industry where government was not involved, health insurance companies where just coming into view but were really not a significant part of the industry.

Before I begin, I will tell you that even at that time in history, there were poor people who because of their circumstances or life choices were unable to afford medical help, BUT they were still tended to by doctors, hospitals, and pharmacists and often their health needs were provided by whoever treated them free of charge. I mention this because government involvement in health care began with politicians, in order to win a sympathy vote, and promising to foot the bill for the poor’s medical needs. Of course now we understand that neither government nor politicians use their own money when they promise to give us wonderful sounding programs. Government must first take money from us via taxes before they have any money to spend, and worse, like dolts we give money to politicians so they can be elected to keep making promises they can never fulfill.

The mess we have today started back in the 1960′s when politicians realized the electorate was gullible to their empty promises. The politicians started these entitlement programs by providing medicaid benefits to a small group, the children of the poor, single moms and the elderly, but they did it with our tax dollars. This is how politicians get their hooks into us, they promise to help a small group and as time goes on, they expand it to include more and more. I will lay out more information in subsequent articles to lay the ground work for understand how this mess can truly be fixed if we, the citizens, are willing to work and save our freedoms. Each article will lead to a clear understanding of how a successful health care system functions to include everyone and what it looks like when you understand how all the working parts integrate. Look for “HEALTH CARE: Part 2 Where To Now, coming soon.

By: Fritz Scheffel